Need copy that’ll boost your website traffic?

Looking to build trust with your customers?

Want professional content that engages your customers?

Sounds like you need a freelance copywriter. And that’s just what I am.

Hello, my name is Hannah Wilson.

I have a Creative Writing and Journalism degree and over four years of professional writing experience.

I worked in various content writing roles in London, developing my professional writing skills, SEO knowledge and passion for marketing.

Then I moved back to my hometown, Lancaster (in the North West), and now run my own freelance copywriting business, The Words by Wilson.

How Can The Words by Wilson Help You?

If you answered yes to any of the questions at the top, then I can help you. I write content for businesses, like yours, who want more exposure, who want to connect with their customers, and who want to refresh their copy.

What writing services does The Words by Wilson offer? I write:

  • Blog posts/articles
  • Website content
  • Print marketing materials
  • Digital marketing materials
  • Email marketing content
  • Product descriptions
  • Social media content
  • And much more.

Who Do I Work With?

I work with businesses in the North West and all regions across the UK, as well as with international clients.

Many freelancers have specific niches, but I still haven’t settled on one industry. Mainly because I love writing and testing my skills against a whole range of industries. This means if I think we’re the right fit for one another I would love to work with you.

So, if you want copy that is compelling, engaging and helps your business get the attention it deserves, reach out and drop me an email, by clicking on the button below.