Work with me if you want a friendly, passionate and reliable freelance copywriter to write your content.

As a freelance copywriter based in Lancaster, I help businesses in the UK, and worldwide, create content that is engaging, informative and above all else, read-worthy.

Why Do You Need a Freelance Copywriter?

Wait, why do you need a copywriter again? Can’t anyone with a high school English qualification write your content?

They could.

But taking that chance could be risky and could be the difference between losing potential customers and gaining them. Or it could be the difference between minimal website traffic and maximum website traffic. (You get the picture, a talented freelance copywriter can help improve your content and copy.)

Look, your business is so great that your products or services could almost sell themselves. But not quite. That’s why you need a copywriter.

Learn more about my services, have a peruse at my portfolio and if you like what you see feel free to contact me.

What Do My Clients Say?

“Hannah has been great to work with. Her writing is always excellent, on time and really well researched across a range of different clients. We look forward to working with her lots more in future.”

– Charli Hunt, Proof Content.

“Hannah creates insightful and informative content on a regular basis for me. She’s a very responsive, reliable and professional freelance copywriter who I thoroughly enjoy working with. I look forward to working with her in the future.”

– Alexander Eser, Kaufberaterio Media.

Hannah has written a number of fantastic, well-researched and in-depth articles for our website. Hannah is able to communicate complex topics in a way that is clear and structured, and a pleasure to read. Hannah is great to work with, she understands exactly what we’re looking for, and exceeds our expectations. We’ll definitely work with Hannah in the future, and would recommend Hannah to anyone looking for a copywriter!

Charlotte Pengelly, Fitzgerald HR